We have supplied and installed hundreds of new automatic doors nationwide for customers, updating their entire property portfolio to meet their needs; such as providing disabled push button access. Our installation teams can install new sliding and swing aluminium doors with automation, or even automate your existing doors if we think they are in good enough condition.

We provide a range of automatic doors including sliding, swing, folding, and telescopic sliding automatic doors. This means we can provide a solution best suited to the flow of traffic that will be coming through your door, as well as its immediate surroundings and the space available. Ideally in high usage areas sliding doors should be used, sliding to one side if the space is available to provide years of flawless performance. If there is not the sliding space available to one side, we advise that swing doors should be installed.

Middleton technology school sliding automatic door 1
NCP automatic swing door 1

Swing doors

ABC DFA 127 automatic swing doors can be used as the foundation for a wide range of swing door applications, thanks to their space saving design and advanced programmable microprocessor. They are also nearly soundless in use, which makes them well suited to quieter environments. The multi-functionality of these automatic door operators means they have the capacity to be used as a control system to provide protection from smoke and fire, and their system can be extended with a master-slave function that facilitates two overlapping door leaves. The ABC DFA 127 are also available with ‘in-ground’ drive and ‘in-head’ drive operators for the most aesthetically sensitive environments.

NCP automatic swing door
Automatic aluminium fire exit door

Sliding doors

When aesthetics and initial impressions count, as well as durability and functionality, ABC can provide the best sliding door entrance for every customer. Our clients include large national companies who rely upon us to supply their every need, so you know we can provide a solution for you. One of the outstanding features of our sliding doors is the smoothness of their operation, which is thanks to our expert engineering and matching of materials which makes our door movements work in perfect synchronisation. Our sliding doors also come in various styles and are an extremely reliable and multipurpose product. Furthermore, their drive operator (S 16 SU) can be hidden beneath the flooring for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Booths sliding automatic door
Rochdale Lock 50 automatic door
Ergoplus automatic door

Folding doors

Folding doors are used in entrances that aren’t wide enough to accommodate sliding doors, such as restaurants in the passage to the pantry, or from the kitchen to dining area. They are easy for us to retrofit and blend in well to existing entrances.

Burger King automatic folding door

Telescopic sliding doors

Telescopic sliding doors are linear models with multiple door leaves per side, with the inner door connected to the outer with deflection rollers so it opens at double the speed. This provides rapid opening in very wide passages. Our telescopic doors are best suited to narrow passageways, but the widest possible passageway is needed to facilitate pedestrian traffic.

Telescopic sliding doors 1
Telescopic sliding doors 2

Retrofit swing doors

Buildings which require large quantities of internal automatic doors, such as NHS hospitals, will mostly consist of swing operators fitted to existing internal fire doors. We specialise in retrofitting to existing doors and supply only the best swing door operators on the market, giving you guaranteed low maintenance and break down costs for many years of trouble free service for your newly automated doors.

NHS retrofit swing door
Walton library retrofit automatic door

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