ABC Industrial Doors have been manufacturing high quality fire shutters in house for many years from all steel components, which are now protecting hundreds of millions of pounds' worth of property and stock throughout the UK as we speak, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Fire Shutters

We have learnt that although they have a very obvious purpose, like security shutters, there is no such thing as a standard installation, as each and every application has to be custom made down to the slightest detail. This is where ABC excel as we do not punch these products out on a huge conveyor, instead we hand make them individually to site survey details. This ensures each fire shutter is a perfect fit when it comes to installation. Our fire shutters not only fit well, they are also designed to match the aesthetics of their surroundings so as to blend in seamlessly.

Small servery fire shutters

Our four hour rated small server fire shutters are manufactured in house and are custom made to suit your site and application, giving you a much more aesthetically pleasing end result. Fire shutters can often be large cumbersome installations which are quite simply an eye sore in some internal environments, such as school kitchen serveries or plush offices suites, so these shutters are ideal for such locations.

We have installed hundreds of fire shutters in these aesthetically sensitive areas over the years, allowing us to develop fire shutters of superior strength and heat resistance without compromising on the products' appearance.

Industrial fire shutters

Industrial fire shutters are very similar to the standard roller shutters we produce, with the main difference being thicker gauge materials and an all steel component construction. The motors and controls are linked into the fire alarm system and are activated in the event of a fire or drill. Below is an installation we carried out at M&S Cold Distribution Facility in Enfield in Autumn 2015 on a partition wall. In the event of a fire the entire warehouse would be split into two halves, limiting any damage costs which would amount to millions of pounds in damaged food stock.

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