As well as all the access and security products at the “front of shop” such as automatic entrance doors and shutters, we also take care of the “back of shop” distribution facility high level dock shelter and dock leveller equipment. We have a variety of products designed to aid vehicle docking, and our loading bay equipment provides safety, weather protection and level access whilst loading and unloading.

We know and understand how incredibly important it is to have these areas fully functional at all times to keep on top of national delivery commitments. Safe, fast, efficient vehicle loading and unloading is a key factor in the successful operation of many high volume industrial, warehouse and retail facilities. So our engineers are able to service, repair and replace dock levellers and shelters without disturbing your operation.

Dock Levellers

Our dock levellers are designed to provide a solution to the loading and unloading process. With health and safety as a key priority within their design principles the risk of accidents at the loading bay are greatly reduced.

We offer a variety of dock leveller to cover all applications.

Dock Shelters

We offer 4 types of Dock Shelter to cover a wide variety of applications.

Rigid shelter

These are the most popular solution for energy conscious operators. The vehicle reverses into the rigid shelter which then efficiently seals the loading area off with flexible side and top curtains, giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process. This results in an improved and protected working environment.

Retractable shelter

These are hardwearing and versatile, and particularly suitable for docking systems where the fleet of vehicles are of differing heights and widths. They are universal and effective, and offer a general purpose seal to cater for most applications. This shelter is designed to retract on impact in order to absorb the force from a vehicle as it attaches to the loading bay, thereby extending not only the life of the shelter but also the fabric of the main building. It provides excellent value for money and is an extremely useful and versatile way of sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay.

Inflatable shelter

These shelters provide maximum sealing capabilities, making them particularly suitable for temperature controlled premises, especially as the demands of the temperature chain for chilled and frozen food distributors are very high. The design features incorporated means that they are particularly suited for cold storage areas. In addition to being suitable where there is a wide variation in vehicle height and width, they are also designed to accommodate extra wide doorways where required.

Foam pad dock seals

These are a cost effective solution to sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay, and are particularly suitable for docking systems where the fleet of vehicles are similar in size. The seal is created by the vehicle backing onto the foam pad dock seals, which act as a cushion between the vehicle and the building, and will be compressed until the vehicle meets the dock bumpers where it will come to a stop.

Dock Buffers

Serious consideration should always be given to fitting the appropriate type of dock buffers.

Standard dock buffers

Standard dock buffers are robust, good quality and cost effective. They are constructed of composite reinforced rubber and available in both rectangular and L-shaped versions of varying sizes to suit your requirements.

Sliding buffer system

The increasing use of air suspension vehicles has resulted in many dock buffers being damaged. This happens when the vehicle backs onto the buffers, then as it is unloaded or loaded the suspension rises and falls resulting in the buffers being damaged at the top or bottom, and in some cases being ripped from the wall. Our sliding buffer system allows the buffers in contact with the vehicle to travel up and down with the vehicle suspension. This is an efficient and valuable solution which will ultimately prove very cost effective.

Polyethylene fronted buffers

Polyethylene fronted buffers offer a long life, high damage resistance and ensure the dock area remains safe and functional. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and designed to reduce wear on vehicle bumpers. These buffers have a high molecular weight polyethylene front to withstand daily punishment, and the low friction means increased life, with their high visibility also helping drivers align trailers more accurately.

Additional Options

Heavy duty backing plate

The heavy duty backing plate not only helps to protect the building but also acts as a packer.

Heavy duty face plates

The heavy duty face plate not only helps to protect the rubber buffer but also acts as a packer.

Maintenance and Replacement

ABC also replace buffers and wheel guides which are regularly in need of replacement due to high levels of use and heavy impact. Please call our sales team to organise your onsite appraisal and no obligation quotation today on 0161 775 7775, or get in touch with us through our contact page.