Rapid roll doors are an excellent investment installed in the right location providing energy efficiency and savings on fuel bills, as well as increased productivity. With this product installed on an entrance or exit point to a building, a roller shutter security door can be opened first thing in the morning and closed last thing at night, giving fork lift truck drivers and personnel a much more productive day. They also enable the premises to retain warmth, giving employees a more comfortable environment to work in.

As well as entrance and exit points, they can effectively segregate internal areas such as warehouse to goods out area, giving you atmospheric control over different zones.

Control Options

What you plan to use your rapid roll door for will help us choose the best combination of controls for the application. Our most popular are floor loops, which can detect anything metal such as a pallet truck or fork lift truck. The rapid door will open in good time so that you will not have to slow down before it opens, then after you pass over the second loop on the opposite side the door closes at a safe pace.

Safety Options

Doors are available with infrared photocells to prevent them returning to the closed position if an obstruction were to be present and detected. We can also supply doors with hard bottom edges with large touch sensitive rubber seals, which will instantly stop and return if the safety edge were to sense any compression.

Ultimately in a high use area with heavy personnel traffic, there is the option to have a soft safety edge that can come down onto personnel without injury to staff or the door.

For further safety there is the option to have a Velcro break away side in case of an impact to the curtain whilst closed or partially closed, thus causing no damage what so ever. The door will then automatically re-set itself on the following upward stroke, and then return closed to complete the doors cycle when all is clear.

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