We use Kingspan 610mm x 40mm thick composite panels, manufactured using 0.5mm thick hot dipped zinc coated (to BS EN 10147) steel internal and external facing sheets, each with a class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS 476: Part 7:1971. These sheets are bonded together using IPU foam, which has a density of 40ks/m3. The panel itself gives a “U” value 0.51 W/m2 K, meaning that a typical 5000 x 5000 wide door has a “U” value of 0.9 W/m2 K and has formed tongue and groove hinged joints, incorporating a neoprene seal running the full length of the panel to give excellent weather resistance. There is also an 80mm panel available which has a typical “U” value of 0.24 W/m2 K, meaning that a typical 5,000 x 5,000 wide door has a “U” value of 0.54 W/ m2 K. The acoustic value of the door panel has a single weighted sound reduction of 25db. The standard stucco finish is embossed primer coated to both faces.

Door Head Gear

Our sectional doors are counterbalanced to ensure their smooth operation with minimal effort. All counterbalance spring calculations are carried out by Indupart and are designed to get the maximum life out of the door springs we manufacture (most typical loading docks are calculated to a minimum of 20,000 cycles). The springs are high tensile helical wound steel, shot blasted for improved performance. They are mounted on a steel shaft supported by bearing brackets, incorporating sealed bearing rollers to ensure free running of the shaft. Also mounted on the spring shaft are the cable drums, which carry the aircraft quality cables which have a 7:1 safety factor. These are looped and swaged using a hydraulic press to ensure the cables do not get detached from the cable drums or the brackets, which connect the cables to the bottom of the door panels. Spring break devices and cable breaks are fitted to doors as standard to comply with CE markings.

Panel Options

There is a choice of Kingspan Plastisol XL200 or polyester coating to the external face, with an extensive range of colours available. We can also provide a factory paint finish to either the internal or external face to any BS or RAL colour.

Panel Hardware

The roller carriers are adjustable, and along with the intermediate panel hinges are hot dipped galvanised steel. The rollers which run in the side track are sealed for life, and the self-lubricating bearings come with a nylon tyre to give a smooth and quiet operation. They are also pre-drilled, and fixed directly to the seal connected to the side fixing angle.

Guide Tracks

The door tracks are galvanised steel ‘J’ type, designed to give free and easy running for bearing rollers. These are mounted on a galvanised steel jamb angle for fixing purposes via Indupart’s unique stud welding system, which ensures the most effective seal to the building so the tracks need no adjustment on site. Cable break devices are fitted to all doors to comply with CE markings, and we also offer an optional anti-lift bracket.

Guide Track Options

Guide tracks are individually manufactured to suit site conditions, taking into consideration door size, headroom and roof pitch.


All our sectional doors are fully perimeter sealed, including the intermediate panel seals, to provide the most effective weather seal to your door. All fixing faces, floors, and lintels must be flush and square.


We offer a range of manual and automatic operations, including a large number of safety features as options. We supply a range of door drives and controls, from top of the range Elektomaten to cheaper alternatives.

Other Options

As you would expect we offer a massive range of optional extras, including but not limited to: double-glazed windows, integral personnel doors in main door, and door safety furniture.

Glazed Sectional Door Panels

The aluminium anodized profiles which make up the panel are robustly dimensioned and accurately cut to form perfect joins. The window panels are formed using two acrylic sheets with an intermediate air gap of 15mm. The acrylic sheet material is 2.5mm thick. Recent rests to EN 530 procedure 2 indicate that our design of acrylic window maintains excellent transparency (classification 4), even after repeated cleaning at a relatively high hand pressure (12 kPa).

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Glazed Sectional Doors

Hormann Sectional Doors

We also install Hormann Sectional Doors, further details of which can be found in the Hormann Products Section.

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