Sliding, Retractable Window Grilles / Gates

Window grilles and grates are often the cheapest way to secure ground floor office windows and shop fronts, as well as being far more aesthetically pleasing. Our sliding retractable window grilles and gates are available in a range of colours to blend in with surrounding building materials.

The only obvious downside is that the retractable security window grilles do not protect the glass from being smashed. Therefore they are best suited to prevent opportunists on the high street in low risk areas, or office blocks in secure gated developments where any unwanted attention would easily be deterred by a little extra hurdle to overcome.

That said these retractable window gates are a very formidable barrier, there are inferior products on the market with plastic guides which obviously are not as strong, amongst other lesser products. But our retractable all steel window gates are the best on the market and very competitively priced. They can be easily installed often whilst office staff are still at work, making them a cost effective security option with a minimum amount of disturbance.

They are available in a range of variations such as bunch to one side, bi-parting for smaller compact bunches, and hinged lift up bottom tracks for access point application such as main entrances and corridors.

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